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Sneakers Boots High topSlipons Deserts Oxfords Top siders Desert boots must be clean

Sneakers Boots High topSlipons Deserts Oxfords Top siders Desert boots must be clean

About us

Sole Fresh is the first sneaker dry cleaner in the world, created by professionals for those who believe that sneakers are not just shoes. Having no analogues and creating a niche in sneaker culture, Sole Fresh has been surprising and delighting sneaker lovers with the results of its work since its foundation.

Sole Fresh offers cleaning services for sneakers, Timberland and UGG, classic shoes, boots, and any type of shoes.

The mission of the project is very simple – our employees will take any pair of shoes that need help and will not return it to the client until they are satisfied with the result. Besides dry-cleaning and restoration services, Sole Fresh is also a producer of premium cleaning solutions and accessories for home use. Sole Fresh was founded in 2015. Now Sole Fresh is presented in 27 cities of 6 countries of the world.


In our unique technology, developed by our own specialists, we use all modern possibilities of industrial machine dry cleaning and manual work, with the help of special cleaning solutions and equipment.

  • Initial treatment with “Sole Fresh” cleaner
  • Deep cleaning of soles with special detergents
  • Complete machine cleaning of the upper and inner materials with special chemicals and equipment.
  • Shoelace and insole cleaning
  • Disinfecting
  • Delicate drying.
  • Eliminating “lint” on the inside of the sneaker
  • Material restoration, finishing
  • Conditioning, color restoration


Sole Fresh team is always open for cooperation. With a lot of experience in promotions and events, we invite partners from a variety of sectors to work with us.

Sole Fresh offers various opportunities for corporate clients:

– event management

– joint promotional activities

– partnership with shoe stores

– provision of the „Sneaker throne” at your events

– corporate services for sports teams

– cooperation with large offices